Who can attend the fair as a student presenter?

The CS Fair is open to K-12 students from public schools in Alameda County currently in a CS Program or class. This can be an after school coding or robotics class, a full computer science course, a game design class, a weekend coding bootcamp program. Reach out to fnieto@acoe.org if you have questions about your school or program participating.

What kinds of projects can be showcased?

Students must demo their own digital or computer-created creations. These must involve programming using original code, although it is ok to include projects that incorporate 3rd party code to some degree. The projects can include websites, computer games, animations and simulations, physical projects using Arduinos and other components, robotics projects or challenges, virtual reality experiences built with code, wearable products, Internet of Things creations, general computer programs and algorithms, and more. The main constraint is that projects are original, and coded by yourself or as part of team. Feel free to pitch another type of project by contacting fnieto@acoe.org

What kind of languages do you allow?

The fair will feature projects built with block based code such as Scratch and Blockly as well as projects built with Python, JavaScript, Swift and other syntax-based coding languages. We hope to get a diversity of coding platforms and languages represented. Below are some suggestions.

Will you provide transportation?

We have a limited budget for buses. If your school is interested, please contact fnieto@acoe.org or fill out this form. Priority will be given to those schools sending multiple classes, Title 1 schools, and those who arrange earlier.

Does the whole class need to come? Or can a one student attend?

We prefer that students attend as part of a group or class where everyone can share a project. Individual students who want to share an app or product, for example, can attend with permission from their school and parents. A registration form will be sent to those who express interest and decisions to accept individuals will be made based on answers to some criteria. This may be subject to change.